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Advanced Star

Advanced Star

Advanced Star
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  • Advanced Star Floor Fan 76cm 124W


    Ventilation Floor fan 124w - 76cm. Advanced Star

    176.79 £
  • Advanced Star Floor Fan 60cm 124W


    Ventilation Floor fan 124w - 60cm. Advanced Star

    141.26 £
  • Advanced Star clip fan 15cm AC 15w


    Clip fan ventilation AC 15w 15cm. Advanced Star

    14.13 £
  • Fan, Boxfan 50cm 85w Black-Advanced star


    Fan Black plastic 50cm 85W - Advanced Star one of the fans of the most powerful on the market can be broadly compared to a brewer of air, metal , power and efficiency ultimate boxfan 50cm

    39.89 £
  • Fan turbo fan 20cm 30w - Advanced Star


    Fan, floor Turbo fan white plastic 20cm 30W - Advanced Star fan turbo 2-speed , high-performance , small and very efficient, this fan will seduce you by its design and the colour white which can be integrated everywhere

    22.12 £
  • Fan wall oscillating 50 W - 40 cm


    Fan Wall of 40 cm of diameter and 50w of power , ideal for fans of offices , the fan rooms , the fans, lounges , warehouse or room of hydroponics and pebbles.

    39.89 £
  • Fan on foot oscillating 30cm 1.25 m 50W - Advanced star


    Fan on foot 30 cm Stand Fan 1.25 m 50W 3-speed. By Advanced Star the manufacturer of blower top of the range.

    23.01 £
  • Fan ceiling fan 30cm - Advanced Star -55w


    Fan metal 30 cm soil Floor fan metal 30cm (12) 55W. ceiling fan 30cm ultra-powerful 3-speed discount lifetime -20%*

    34.56 £
  • Advanced Star - Fan Box-Fan 30cm - 40 W


    The fan top quality prices ofAdvanced Star, economy only 40W - total Height : 30cm, 3-speed, grid, directional, timer, fan cheap.

    19.91 £ 22.12 £
  • Advanced Star - Fan Clip Fan oscillating 18cm 20w 2 speeds


    Enjoy the fan clip on oscillating-available in Indoor growing, it easily fits into the culture chambers thanks to its clamp. Think about ventilation for your plants.

    23.45 £
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