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Fertilizer for soil

Fertilizer for soil

The following are fertilizers and additives of mineral, organic or organo-mineral origin, and developed for use on a soil substrate.

Always at the Culture Indoor discount prices, discover our selection of the best brands of high-quality fertilizers and quality, recognized and used by thousands of growers (indoor and outdoor), for many years.


The following are fertilizers and additives of mineral, organic or organo-mineral origin, and developed for use on a soil substrate.

Always at the Culture Indoor discount prices, discover our selection of the best brands of high-quality fertilizers and quality, recognized and used by thousands of growers (indoor and outdoor), for many years.

With simple fertilization programs, containing few fertilizers and additives, dedicated to beginners, or on the contrary, with a more complex scheme, committing an exhaustive list of fertilizers, dedicated to the initiated gardeners, Culture Indoor offers you the best Products of the European market with:

Hydro Passion , Platinium Nutrients , Plagron , Vaalserberg Garden , Atami , HESI , The Grow th Technology , Bio bizz , GHE (General Hydro ponic Europe or General Organic) House & Garden , Bio Tabs ...

Looking for a fertilizer growing and flowering hydro passion master grow er, you may be looking for the all new sensistar grow and bloom , unique and exclusive nanotechnology suspension gel fertilizer combining a logical bio gel with soluble fertilizer High purity + calcium + magnesium + oligo edta chelated elements, the only hydroponic market fertilizer capable of maintaining calcium and magnesium in a single bottle, fertilizer with a grow component for growth, bloom for flowering, ultra concentrated fertilizer 100% pure, 0% sodium, 0% chlorine, 0% urea, 0% dye, discover the purest fertilizer on the market, if you knew metrop mr 1 and metrop mr2 'Unique fertilizer NPK + calcium + magnesium + oligos elements without precipitation or mass in the bottom of the bottle, try platinium nutrients and their famous xroots clone hormone Rage 100% natural, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, their famous humic fulvic booster the growth booster defying any competition, a product combining a very high concentration of humic acid and fulvic acid or even more famous and Renowned root stimulator by exellence and without the slightest co-cure to the height of its development to 700% of root mass with only 0.3 to 0.5ml, these two products are also approved by the ministry, as well as the largest European universities and The best research institute to ensure you have the best organic root growth and cutter stimulator, 100% certified, proven and certified for more than 10 years, try organic grow and bloom of platinium certified ecofert fertilizer, 100 % bio logic, easy to use, and especially very concentrated 3 to 4 times more than certain brands of the market, try the Quality platinium with resin plus active ingredient booster get more tastes, more sugars and 26% amino acids, and its superboost PK blooming booster, the most concentrated and economical ph down, in culture indoor made Your choice, you are looking for fertilizers canna terra vega or terra flores, you may prefer the bio then esssayez the bio range canna and its bio rhizotonic the bio root stimulator canna , know you bio canna boost, try the fast, culture indoor find all your products canna and bio canna in our range fertilizers earth and hydroponics, you have been told plagron alga grow and alga bloom , complete the with green sensation and sugar royal the famous stimulator of the range plagron fertilizer available at your distributor culture indoor . Try bio tabs easy to use, innovative and usable in bio logical culture, think of trying the innovation of the bio tabs range and be surprised by the fabulous results obtained on your plants in all simplicity, bio bizz , you bio bizz , yes bio grow , bio bloom , alga mic, top max root juice, acti vera, bio heaven , and yes here is the list of bio bizz products and their stimulators of roots, growth, energy, flowering , Vitality, power, eesayz force grow bizz and try bio bizz at culture indoor your online grow shop, indoor gardening is at culture indoor , metrop , house and garden .... try different quality brands At culture indoor , ask for advice at one of your stores near you or www.culture indoor Com, the pros of the culture near you since 2002 often copied never unmatched, delivery of your bio fertilizer logic, stimulators, B Ooster in 24 hours, the service top quality, never fall in fertilizer break, find your fertilizer hydroponics, bio logic, organo mineral, home and boost your crops throughout the year, if you own a hydro store Pony visit our wholesale center, your wholesaler hydro ponique in france and europe, find all your products aptus regulator, kboost and others, atami bloom bastic, or rootbastic, stimulator atami , range atami organic, you are looking for a booster effect starter fertilizer, try aminoweed 56, 9% organic nitrogen new technology, 56% amino acids the highest rate ever reached, need a wetting agent for better best performing sprays, No special problem by platinium, cytokinins, gyberilins, auxins? , Try seaweed xtract platinium including the best extract of ascophylum nodosum, marine algae by exellence including natural auxins, gyberilines, and cytokinies in large quantities, need to boost your roots, know you the mycorrhiza, monster x platinium innovates again with Its mycorrhizas unique and hydro soluble the only mycorrhizae that are usable in hydroponics, aeroponics, on land and coco fiber, 500,000 propagules / kg harvested in vitro, and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, if you wish to complete your range of bacteria Beneficial, platinium always innovates and offers invasion T trichoderma by exellence, why since it contains the 8 most powerful trichoderma of the market totally wettable and usable in hydroponic culture or on earth and coco fiber, if you tasted pirhana And tarantula of advanced nutrients you will be overwhelmed by the events if you have the bonh Eur try in the same rhizoponics period, humic fulvic booster, monster x mycorrhizae and invasion T, and you would never have seen your root system in this way there, platinium prenium fertilizer range for cultivation on earth, fiber coco , hydoponique, 100% of our products for our land program are usable in bio logic and possess the mention UAB, try also the whole bio nova range in culture indoor , its famous soil super mix , its enzymes, the missing link Booster of growth bio nova, the bn xcell, for the ancients the vitrasol exhauteur of tastes, full of miracle products in culture indoor , the biggest center of france, try the number 1 of the web, and the first network of stores in france europe And dom tom

The Choice at the best prices. ,

Culture Indoor

Fertilizer for soil
Product 1 to 859
  • 420 hydroponics - Fertilizer growth powder Growveg - 25kg


    Fertilizer in the form of a powder 100% soluble in water. For plants in the greenhouse.

    176.79 £
  • Atami - Stimulator of roots B cuzz


    This additive will allow a good rooting and better growth of your plants.

    18.84 £
  • Brown gold - Fertilizers citrus and palm trees - 1L


    This fertilizer specially designed for your citrus and palms in the pot is enriched with Or Activ which will lead to growth faster and stronger.

    9.68 £
  • Gold - Brown Fertilizer small vegetable garden and...


    The liquid fertilizer small vegetable garden and tomatoes Golden brown is ideal for all plantings on your balcony : cherry tomato, sweet pepper cucumber, zucchini, pepper...

    4.40 £
  • Brown gold - Fertilisers herbs-liquid - 250mL


    Liquid fertilizer with special aromatic herbs of Gold Brown feeds the plants and prevents deficiencies.

    4.40 £
  • Brown gold - Fertilizers boxwood - 1L


    The specialty fertilizer boxwood liquid Golden brown is ideal beautiful boxwood green, and well furnished. Its unique composition allows a rooting hard and fast but is also stepping up the shoot and the abundance of foliage.

    9.68 £
  • Gold - Brown Fertilizer bonsai - 250mL


    Fertilizer special bonsai Gold brown brings the force to bonsai thanks to a high content of nutrients.

    4.40 £
  • Gold - Brown Fertilizer cactus and succulent plants - 250mL


    The liquid fertilizer special cactus and succulents and Golden Brown provides a growth serene of all your cacti and succulents.

    4.40 £
  • Brown gold - Activator compost - 1.5 kg


    For all those who wish to make their own compost 100% natural easily activator (compost Brown Gold is your best ally !

    8.80 £
  • Gold - Brown Guano of the sea - 650g


    For all those who wish to harvest very abundant and/or a beautiful and long-flowering, without much effort guano marine Brown Gold is your best asset !

    7.91 £
  • Brown gold - Fertilizers universal liquid - 250 mL


    Fertilizer universal liquid Gold brown is ideal for all planting in your garden or your balcony.

    4.40 £
  • Gold - Brown Horn torrefiée - 1.5 kg


    For all those who wish to harvest very abundant without much effort the fertilizer horn toasty Golden Brown is your best asset !

    8.80 £
  • Gold - Brown with a Fertilizer boost - 1.5 kg


    Boost the growth of your plants as soon as they 1st sheet with the fertilizer boost Golden Brown.

    14.12 £
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